What is STRIVE Pre-Incubation Program?

STRIVE is the first-of-its-kind pre-incubation program in the Armenian startup ecosystem. Designed to engage participants from all walks of life, regardless of prior work experience or existence (or not) of a startup idea, the program aims to shape the aspiring founders’ mindset by defining, analyzing, and testing the most fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Drawing from the successful Ice House Entrepreneurship program from the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, STRIVE is a 10-week program designed to use an experiential, problem-based methodology that encourages participants to apply what they are learning within real-world, ambiguous, resource-constrained circumstances. The program consists of modules for developing entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, and skills while at the same time exposing participants to a new way of thinking; one that will excite their imagination, explode ambition, and advance the habits that will enable them to succeed, regardless of the path they choose or where they start.

STRIVE engages people who have a strong commitment, drive, and ambition to learn fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship through interactive lectures, meetups, and workshops.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to individuals (NOT teams), everyone (especially to non-AUA community), 
  • Able to take part in weekly face-to-face sessions hosted at AUA (10 module sets) in the evenings (between 7 pm-9 pm), 
  • Ability to communicate in English (intermediate and above language proficiency),
  • Desire to learn and an openness to new ideas (startup idea is NOT required).



Benefits of STRIVE

  • Development of entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, and skills through practical and a process-oriented program, 
  • Identification and utilization of social and situational factors that encourage entrepreneurial behavior, 
  • Identification, evaluation, and validation of opportunities in ambiguous real-world circumstances, 
  • Network building with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders, 
  • A structured set of personal and professional coaching sessions.