EPIC Incubation


The EPIC Startup Incubator is a 15-week program during which idea-stage startups can learn proven tools to validate startup ideas, learn to identify customers, get introduced to Armenian and international markets, and enter the startup ecosystem. This is the 10th batch of the EPIC incubation program. Since 2017, over 70 startups with more than 180 entrepreneurs having graduated from the program.

The program has been designed specifically for those who have an innovative idea and are intended to turn it into a business. The program is open for everyone who has a startup idea.  We especially welcome startup teams that are not from AUA.  All you need is an idea, coachability, persistence, drive, and willingness to get out of your comfort zone. 

                                                                                                        EPIC provides startups with the following opportunities:


  • lectures and workshops;
  • tailored mentorship; 
  • meetings with successful entrepreneurs in various formats;
  • modern facilities (open 24/7);
  • access to Prototyping Laboratory;
  • legal consultancy/support from AUA Technology and Innovation Legal Clinic;
  • introductions to investors;
  • access to 150+ business advisors;
  • possibility of getting a cash prize.


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