What is EPIC Jam?

EPIC Jam is a two-day 'ideathon' - a 'solution development marathon'-quite similar to a 'hackathon' but with the main emphasis on creative solution-finding.
You are the exact target of this program if you are eager to create the next successful solution and build a growing startup based on it! Applicants from any academic field are welcome to this program.

In two full days, you will go through this 6-stage exciting journey:

  1.  As an individual, you will choose one of the problems proposed by EPIC;
  1. You will assigned to a team around your selected problem;
  2. As a team, you will generate plenty of solutions for that problem;
  3. You will develop a potential startup idea in 2 days based on the chosen solutions;
  4. You will pitch your developed startup idea to a jury;
  5. And… hopefully, you will be among the three winners of the program receiving monetary and other prizes!
If your team successfully passes all these 6 stages, you will be ready to continue your path as a startup!