EWC Finalist Teams 2021

The EWC Armenia National Finals took place on July 24 at Synergy Business Center in Yerevan where the 12 startup teams pitched to win over $100,000 in prizes. 

The two teams that will represent Armenia in EWC Global Finals competition are Denovo Sciences as the National Champion ($20,000) and Zoomerang as the National RunnerUp ($20,000). They will represent Armenia in the Global Finals. Two other teams selected as Idea Stage and Early Stage winners were Robodel and MedPoint Technologies, respectively (each winning $10,000). The EWC 2021 Global Finals will take place in November in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Denovo Sciences, National Champion

Denovo Sciences is a deep-tech company creating novel therapeutics. Its AI-based algorithm utilizes powerful computational simulations for directed search into chemical space. This unique approach allows the user to generate highly novel molecules, thus increasing efficiency in the drug design process.


Zoom Apps (Zoomerang)  –  National RunnerUp

Zoomerang is a short-form video creation platform that offers hundreds of tools, limitless ideas, and creativity from people worldwide. Starting from 2018, we already have 25M downloads, and more than 2B videos have been created with our platform. Our goal is to facilitate video creation on mobile phones by making it as simple as one button click.


Mr. Fast

Mr. Fast creates a platform where users can make custom automations or use hundreds of ready-mades to automate their repetitive tasks. Its automations operate on the most popular sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yellow Pages, etc. These automations can extract data and perform actions on the web for the user. Mr. Fast gives the tools and the knowledge to grow business faster.


Robodel – Idea Stage Winner

Thirty-five million food delivery orders from restaurants are being processed in the US monthly…..and every 3rd delivery person sneaks a portion of food. Moreover, almost every second order is delivered late or messed up, or cold and not fresh. Robodel will make deliveries FASTER, CHEAPER, SAFER!!! It offers delivery services to restaurants held by self-driving, sidewalk, and bike-lane drivable robots. Compared to human deliverers, Robodel is 25% cheaper. Compared to other delivery robots, Robodel is at least 75% faster.


Streameal (Rooshe) 

Streameal is a multisided platform that connects users to strictly vetted and talented cooks. All through an innovative platform that allows users to purchase home-cooked meals while watching streaming of how the dish is prepared.


Cyber Tech

Cyber Tech was established in 2017 as a high-tech company. Initially, the company’s primary goal was developing innovative technologies creating innovative products in the field of cybersecurity, particularly in the area of personal identification. In 2018 we started the Cyber Key project. Now Cyber Key is the main product of Cyber Tech company. The Cyber Key is the new age of personal biometric authentication. Its innovative authentication technology is based on human finger blood vessel ‘map’ scanning.


MedPoint Technologies – Early Stage Winner

MedPoint is an AI and IoT-powered digital pathology platform aimed at early, on time, precise and fast diagnosis of pathologies.


RAFA Solutions

TACTUN is a spin-off from RAFA Solutions that creates easy-to-use controller and software technology supporting a wide range of material testing machines used by 10% of the worldwide market by the year 2027. TACTUN helps material manufacturers solve their business scaling and profitability challenges using customizable software and controller platforms. The TACTUN technology reduces the machinery setup time from months to a day and allows the machine manufacturers to start having recurring revenue.



rBlock helps blockchain companies solve the issue of speed & energy consumption by optimizing the network layer making blockchains 40% faster and 45% more energy efficient.



SmartClick automates quality assurance of companies’ manufacturing processes using computer vision software for better speed, efficiency, reduced human error, and cost.



HELTUN helps businesses to solve the problem of smart home device integration. We provide technology for b2b systems to speak the same language with all smart home devices.




Established in 2017, Revalcon is solving complicated technological challenges in the irrigation processes. Being an Armenian technology brand in agriculture, we have a global vision. Revalcon offers end to end solutions. The entire irrigation process is controlled both through mobile and web applications using IoT based on the new LORA technology. The service monitors the operation of pumps and valves, and collects information from the fields. Using weather and humidity data, users can adjust the irrigation schedule. In addition, the technology provides inter-machine interaction at a distance of up to 15 km with minimal energy consumption.