Our Portfolio

GEN 14 / Spring 2024


Clubroomz is a digital community acceleration platform, revolutionizing how individuals connect by eliminating the barrier of finding like-minded partners for shared activities, while also facilitating real-life networking. Say goodbye to going to events alone, and say hi to your new activity partner.


Prompticus is a gamified platform that helps users learn prompt engineering and refine their prompts through interactive tasks and context-specific suggestions.


UST simplifies car repair and maintenance through a platform that connects customers with trusted local professionals, providing transparent pricing and verified customer reviews.


Aoora is a virtual stylist, a digital solution designed to assist people in refining their style across clothing, hair and makeup - tailored to their individual appearance features, proportions, and preferences.


Lookify is an AI-powered styling app that helps users easily create personalized outfits for any occasion, shop smarter, and maximize their existing wardrobe. By digitizing their closet and browsing selections from their favorite brands, users can discover new outfit combinations and confidently make purchases that align with their personal style.


Huge platform connects influencers with verified visual content creators based on their location.


thehood is a web platform, similar to Nextdoor in the US, that brings neighbors together to connect, share local news, chat, and build a strong sense of community. It provides neighborhood leaders with tools to simplify daily management tasks and offers a space for local shops and service providers to advertise their services to the neighborhood.


PartFinder is an innovative platform that simplifies auto parts sourcing for car owners through VIN-based searches, ensuring compatibility and convenience. Additionally, PartFinder provides auto part sellers with a digital storefront to showcase their inventory - bridging the gap between drivers and auto part sellers and transforming the way auto parts are accessed and purchased.



GEN 13 / Fall 2023


Patn’Pat creates decorative acoustic walls for noise reduction made from tuff stone residues. 


Zont is a fashion delivery app that seamlessly connects brick-and-mortar retailers with online shoppers, offering same-day doorstep delivery and a convenient e-commerce experience.


Contractee is a legal-tech startup that challenges traditional contract management; offering automation, efficiency, and error reduction to legal documents. Contractee offers a website and an extension that can be easily integrated into any CLM/CRM system.


Maestrolls is a revolutionizing music education platform. It is a mobile app that helps young learners focus and commit to music education by combining interactive learning, gamification, and personalized lessons to make music education engaging and enjoyable.


ArVest helps small-mid scale businesses raise capital by providing financing consulting services thereby connecting them with investors using vehicles such as bond issuances, peer-lending, and direct investments.


MedGPT is an AI-based healthcare platform that bridges patients to medical professionals with relevant reviews, expert articles, and cost estimates. Moreover, it automatically books appointments.


Timey is an application that encourages youth in Armenia to stay physically active through walking by using an app for gamification and an animated map.


Tokenvest is a community-driven decentralized crowdfunding platform using blockchain and DAO technologies for funding campaigns. Its main goal is to transition the reward-based crowdfunding ecosystem to web3 while addressing the issues of fraud, regional limitations, and high transaction fees.


GEN 12 / Spring 2023


DasaRank is the first platform in Armenia for informal reviews of professors, universities, teachers, and schools. Ultimately, it will serve as a benchmark for educational institutions and professionals allowing users to make informed decisions about their studies. The startup seeks to replicate the popular Rate my Professor and Rate my Teacher platforms available in the U.S.

gAIt hub

gAIt hub is a software solution that enables medical professionals to develop individualized, targeted and precise automated diagnosis and treatment plans for gait-related disorders.


MedBridge is a mobile app that allows individuals to store, access, translate, and autofill their medical records while traveling anywhere in the world.


EdMap is a learning ecosystem that fills the gap of industry experience by empowering learners to acquire hands-on experience and vital soft skills.


Starship is a platform connecting students wanting to study abroad with financial aid information and scholarship opportunities.


ReEducate is a digital education platform that utilizes AR technologies to create virtual labs and interactive learning experiences including games, videos, quizzes, and 3D models for making the study process more interesting and attractive. It also provides a platform where both educators and individuals can create their own educational content that can be monetized.



GEN 11 / FALL 2022


SignLang is a mobile app that uses a phone camera and AI to translate the sign language of the deaf into readable text in real-time. 


Dolph.ai is an AI-driven platform that automates the analysis of prevalent reputation trends associated with businesses and competitors through quantitative and qualitative insights. The algorithm can give recommendations for enhanced reputation-driven content and customer engagement․


Contracta.ai uses natural language processing to identify custom patterns, extract the corresponding information from contracts, and articulate them through visualization to save time and effort for busy attorneys.


ManyPack is a fully customizable backpack that enables customers to create their desired backpack with various features, designs, and other innovative features.



BeeGrpahy is Figma for computational design. It is a web-based collaborative software that enables industrial designers, engineers, and architects to create complex shapes and geometries online and share them easily. Without CAD skills or sophisticated software, anyone can effortlessly customize the designs created in BeeGraphy.


Encerta.in is a math-backed decision-support SaaS platform that facilitates decision-making by scoring calculations and visualization.


Oor provides users with a platform to customize personal experiences, travel, and other activities.


ATAM is a smart device attachment that tracks proper tooth brushing. It is primarily targeted for children. 



GEN 10 / SPRING 2022

Compass Education Hub

Compass Education Hub is a digital tool for guiding students when applying to universities overseas. It is a platform for accessing expert advice, scholarship opportunities, and test-taking guidance to make the university application process stress-free and time-efficient.


Mindy is a digital platform that supports people to keep life-work balance and avoid mental, psychological, and physical (sleeping, breathing, eating, other) disorders associated with job overstress and burnout.


H'mood is a community-driven peer-to-peer network, which helps students explore modern fields not covered by public education through the best way possible: challenges. The app provides personalized daily out-of-school challenges and connects people with the same interests. Learn and become hmoot with H’mood.


HogaTAR is the only SaaS solution for providing kids transportation services safer in Yerevan to support working parents in an era of overloaded life.



TalkitOut is a digital platform that links therapists/psychologists with individuals that need their services.    


Inchka is a multi-sided platform that offers interest-based experiences for young people who want to be engaged with ongoing trendy events, including those in the tourism realm.


PhotoShot is a multi-sided matchmaking platform that connects photographers/videographers with customers who seek their services while saving time, cost, and effort.




GEN 09 / FALL 2021


VAU is a vibrating bracelet connected to a mobile app, which helps people with hearing disorders, autism, and ADHD to solve attention problems during the inclusive educational process and to catch sound signals around them.


At its core, Zleenk is a free educational app designed to guide teenagers through a process of self-discovery, of choosing one’s own path. It introduces numerous career pathways, while also providing the education, information, soft skills, and motivation necessary to flourish in today’s professional world.


Targeting small businesses in Armenia’s regions, Aneev aims to create a platform where small shops and startup businesses can connect their products and services to investors.


OptimUs offers a B2B marketplace to optimize and automate the corporate procurement process. Using a  reverse auction and visualization approach in tenders, the platform will allow the lowest price purchases while limiting fraud and bribery risk, and improving turnaround time and human resource engagement.           


Calendix is an AI-powered back-office management platform for medical centers, beauty/aesthetic centers, and clinics. Calendix makes appointments for these businesses to sell their services to the clients. Calendix helps service organizations efficiently streamline their appointments, set reminders, and manage cancellations through a CRM-like tool.

What To Wear

What To Wear is an all-in-one AI-powered personal styling mobile application that helps stylish wannabes to find, create, and get looks from top-notch online shops according to the user's body shape and size. The app shows recommended clothes on a 3D model of the user before purchase and ensure an end-to-end online shopping experience.







GEN 08 / Spring 2021


Click’too’Work is an online job recruitment platform that emphasizes providing businesses with short-term or temporary personnel needs. It matches employees with the right skills and experience with the right jobs and tackles Armenia’s employment problems.


Streameal is a multi-sided platform that connects adventurous customers and foodies to talented home cooks. Through an innovative app, users can purchase home-cooked meals while watching a streaming of how the dish is prepared.


Grandma is a machine learning solution that detects and blocks hate/violent speech from the internet, creating a safe digital environment for users and facilitating crime detection by the police.





FarmHelp offers a unique blend of knowledge and technology-based interventions to smallholder farmers, who are impacted by climate events, and who lack access to technical or financial support. FarmHelp aims to help farmers to make data-driven decisions and invest in more climate-resilient agriculture.


Worktops is an app, which helps its users to organize their digital documents, notes, and emails, based on the topic. The topics could include utilities, home, medical records, etc.



ArmeniaCares is an all-in-one volunteering management platform that bridges volunteers with social events in Armenia. Volunteers can join the events that best suit their location, schedule, and interests, posted by the registered companies. ArmeniaCares aims to create a compassionate community for tackling social issues.


LightUp strives to replace traditional plastic packaging with a more planet-friendly and cost-effective alternative that is 100% biodegradable and compostable using potato starch.








GEN 07 / Fall 2020

Hydroponic Adventures

Hydroponic Adventures plans to create the farm of the future. Pesticide-free, grown only with water, minerals, and LED’s, the startup will enable many greens and vegetables to become available to the Armenian market at affordable prices. Through fully automated (except for planting and harvesting) and scalable vertical farms, the product will be freshly available in every season, independent of weather conditions.


EATrator is an all-in-one food recommendation app that will recommend the restaurant and meal according to your specified filters (price, calories, location, etc).  Also, it can pre-order meals so you don’t have to wait for service. Empowered by machine learning algorithms, the app will provide personalized breakfast/lunch/dinner recommendations based on your previous orders.



LikeLocal.io is a platform where local inhabitants host travelers for meals, birthdays, weddings, or any other cultural event which happens at their place. These are not staged or organized events, but authentic family events where they invite travelers to partake.

Self-service Laundry

Self-service laundromat will offer fast, cheap, and convenient coin-operated clothes washing and drying in Yerevan.  The service will be available in densely populated areas of the city and will target students, budget travelers, large families, and others.






GEN 06 / Spring 2020


mossil is a public health startup that helps businesses maintain workplace sustainability by developing innovative technologies for planting moss on unusual surfaces, such as vertical surfaces and portable items. The product developed by the startup provides fresh air, humidifies the space, and neutralizes surrounding microbes, while also stimulating human immune system functions. This startup uses IoT technology for autonomous maintenance and indoor environment management.


Styliish is a smartphone application that will help individuals choose clothing combinations. With machine learning algorithms, the app will suggest clothes to wear and will display a 3D model of a person modeling the clothes.                                           


Meally is developing a mobile platform to provide food producers with residual revenue while helping reduce food waste. As a 2-sided business model, it provides customers with the opportunity to enjoy fresh, affordable meals. 


ReView is a platform to help organizations be more customer-centric and meet customer needs through market research. The platform allows companies to access a network of diverse panels and focus groups to generate valid data on customer insights about products or services. With ReView, companies will have more confidence in investing in new areas of growth and development.


MetaStyle is an AI-powered, web-based service that will transfer, modify, and enhance writing style while maintaining content integrity. It can be used in messaging as a plugin or in longer texts as a virtual writing-style editor.


narinj is a FinTech startup that provides payment solutions to groups of individuals who want to share purchases equitably with a few clicks.











GEN 05 / Fall 2019


uniQ is a platform connecting social media users with talented freelance writers to crowdsource the creation and labeling of captions for their social media posts.  Users get customized caption referrals that will boost their social media engagement and influence while saving time and cost.

Facebook page of uniQ

Website of uniQ


LearnY is an educational platform that utilizes game-based learning to enhance knowledge acquisition among students of different ages. By integrating learning models into entertaining games, displaying detailed analytics, and adapting to various game styles, LearnY designs games that help students to have fun while learning. 


eatUP helps people manage their dietary lifestyles and diet restrictions to improve their dining experience. The customized features of the application are based on the dietary requirements of each individual user and preferred restaurants, cafes, and other food outlets. It also enhances stronger brand loyalty between the restaurants and their targeted customers. The eatUP team is from AUA’s Public Health program.  


Salon is a web-based app that allows customers to book their beauty appointments from their smart devices. Salon provides a one-stop shop to search, book, and engage hairdressers, nail parlors, and multidisciplinary beauty outlets.


Spok is a language learning mobile app with a focus on speaking skills. The main advantage of the app is the use of an animated artificial intelligence-driven avatar that acts as a tutor and is able to engage the language learner with human-like interactions. As such, the app will replicate the typical functions of a language teacher. It will plan and implement a flexible learning path providing support along the way.

Website of Spok


TutWiser is a platform for connecting professional tutors and students. The platform will provide individualized guidance to people who are looking for tutors. TutWiser offers smart solutions to quality and time management issues, finding the most suitable tutors with a personalized approach. TutWiser also provides learning process management tools that make the education process easily trackable and provides feedback on effectiveness. For tutors and educational centers, it supplies a CRM system to manage their classrooms, finances, resources and much more.

Website of TutWiser

Facebook page of TutWiser



Feedle eliminates the stress of feeding your pet when you are physically away from home. Feedle is an innovative pet feeder which is designed to feed pets (dogs & cats) using IoT technology when the owner is absent. With a smart-built pet feeder, Feedle will refresh the pet's water and will give food at a specific time which can be regulated by the App. Feedle provides customizable features such as specialized scheduling of proportions designed for different breeds of dogs and cats. 


GEN 04 / Spring 2019


A device that can be attached to any computer to provide personalized and fun gaming. Portable Reboot step-pads provide physical activity to children and families by encouraging movement and exercise anywhere, anytime.

Smart Green

A greenhouse automation system for small- and medium-sized greenhouses. Smart Green is designed to help farmers maximize revenue, economize resources, and protect yields through the Internet of Things (IoT) smart technology. It will perform automated greenhouse systems management based on data from wireless sensors placed throughout the greenhouse. The system will allow users to monitor the environment of the greenhouse and receive notifications in case of emergencies.   

Facebook page of Smart Green

Deep Talk

Deep Talk is an artificial intelligence-based platform for relationship matching. Through data gathered from online video interviews, Deep Talk utilizes a digital compatibility matching system and sophisticated algorithms to make high-quality matches.


Agourmet is an augmented-reality application which acts as a primary or secondary menu for food-related businesses. It helps restaurants provide customers with three-dimensional visualization of their dishes. Agourmet streamlines the process of ordering restaurant food, making it more accurate, entertaining, and reliable


Vactube is a glass tube solar vacuum fruit dryer that reduces the length of the fruit drying period by 3-5 times compared to existing greenhouse-type solar dryers. Using Vactube results in high-quality, attractive dried fruits that are free of added sugar, sulphur, or other additives.



A recruiting and employment platform for digital designers and businesses. Currently, designers search for clients and consulting opportunities while firms and businesses looking to outsource design specialists for different tasks. Hooop will create a two-sided digital marketplace for designers and businesses which will ease the process of finding needed specialists while creating a mutually beneficial market in the creative field.


Eventor is a platform with a database of service providers that enables quick, efficient, and low-cost planning of parties and other events. When planning birthdays for their children, parents can organize their birthday by choosing from trending all-inclusive packages which provide venue, food, decorations, activities, and photography. 

Webpage of Eventor


Worthie is an online survey tool integrated with an Honesty-Check System aimed at making survey participants honest while helping survey creators with accurate decision-making. Worthie will give a completely new approach to how online surveys are conducted. By creating a community of only honest survey participants, Worthie aims to become the hub for the most reliable and trustworthy data for accurate decision-making.


BeTheTeacher is an online tool for teachers and instructors to support lesson planning. Currently, teachers spend too much time preparing classroom lessons from scratch. Additionally, quality teaching materials, which support the inclusion of all learners, are not easily accessible in Armenia and beyond. The lesson plan generator will suggest a wide variety of objectives, methods, and activities for teachers to choose from. Teachers will save time, create engaging and fun lessons, be supported with inclusive teaching strategies, and be able to create and sell their content for other instructors to use.

GEN 03 / FALL 2018


Evi was founded with the vision of solving the food waste problem in Armenia and the Caucasus region. It will serve as a platform for catering companies, restaurants, and other vendors to sell their surplus food at a reduced price to potential customers. Before entering the EPIC Fall 2018 batch, Evi was accepted into the Impact Hub Fellowship and Repat Armenia Startup Incubator programs, in addition, it participated in the Sevan Startup Summit, Abovyan Startup Boomerang, and Startup Boost Weekend.

Facebook page of Evi


DD wants to implement drone delivery services to Armenian businesses. This will reduce delivery time and expenses for businesses. Each drone station covers 10 kilometers in diameter and there are 3 types of package deliveries ordered by weight.


Rido aims to be the first platform in Armenia that will connect private car owners with people who want to rent cars. The owners of cars will be able to list their services and customers will be able to compare, book, and rate services. Rido aims to provide a 30% cost savings compared to comparable options in the market. The three co-founders have 5+ years of experience in their respective fields, including time at the Microsoft Innovation Center and with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and have already started software development.


RenderChain will help people who are specialized in 3D graphics, visual effects (VFX), film-making, animation, and motion graphics get their software-made products into video faster and with less expense by creating a marketplace of available excess computing resources. There will be two different user types associated with their blockchain-based, peer-to-peer system: Render Requestors, who are users that submit render projects toRenderChain, and PC Providers, who are users that rent out their idle computing resources to complete these projects. Render projects will be collected worldwide and then divided amongst the available resources, ultimately sending the rendered videos to the cloud.

Facebook page of Rendchain


On average, editing a film takes 3-4 months, 80% of that time spent on technical editing and the remaining 20% on creative editing and decision making. Edwise is working to give filmmakers more time for creative editing by automating the most routine technical tasks through artificial intelligence - continuity editing, color correction, correct ordering, and cutting shots. Currently, the team is conducting market research and using raw footage of films as data to run the algorithms. Before Edwise, one of the founders was accepted to the Harvard Crossroads Summer Program affiliated with Harvard Business School. The other founder developed a system of minimal logic of predicates and has presented his findings at many universities, most notably Stockholm University.



Research shows that 1 out of every 10 cows dies because of health problems that are not discovered on time. The Cow.net device will be the first monitoring device in this region’s livestock industry and will track cows’ body temperature, heart rate, oxygen level in the blood, calorie level, and other variables, thus exposing health problems as soon as the symptoms appear. Founder Sargis Keveyan developed this idea after opening up his innovation center in Gavar, Armenia. He spent time with farmers throughout the region and noticed the need for innovation in Armenia’s livestock and agriculture industry. The team placed third in the Startup Boost Weekend competition and is currently planning on testing a prototype.

Facebook page of Cow.net


FinAssist is a centralized portal where people will be able to apply for financial products, such as auto-loans, from multiple financial institutions simultaneously. The institutions will either accept or deny the customer’s applications, and the customer will have a dashboard of all accepted offers to filter and ultimately make a decision of which to choose. The 3 co-founder’s developed the concept for FinAssist due to a lack of information, transparency, and internet banking solutions in Armenia’s banking industry. The co-founders each have over 10 years of experience in the banking industry. Currently, there are initial agreements in place with 6 financial institutions and ongoing negotiations with others.

Facebook page of FinAssist


BeautyBook is a mobile booking system that helps clients schedule an appointment at a salon or beauty parlor. It aims to make the exploration of salons and the booking process more efficient for users, while also providing salons with a comprehensive CRM toolkit and improving the quality of their services. Salons will be the test market for BeautyBook.  With success, the team aims to expand into other markets and retail (B2C) segments.


Filmmakers frequently run into two capital issues - human and financial. Creatr hopes to solve both of these through their platform. It is challenging to find opportunities in the early stages of a film career, and Creatr aims to be a bridge between script writers, directors, actors, camera crews, and others. Once a team has formed and completed its project, it’ll be able to connect with investors and sponsors to implement its project. Currently, this is mostly done through social media, which has proved to be ineffective.

Facebook page of Creatr

GEN 02 / FALL 2017


TapTap is an online platform for free walking tours in Armenia. Tourists can pick a tour of the city they would like to visit and see its most important landmarks and discover its stories in 2-3 hours. Tour guides post their own walking tours on the platform. So TapTap is a marketplace startup, thriving from the exchange between tour guides and tourists. In the future, the platform will also include paid tours with wider options for tourists with more specific needs and diverse interests. Through TapTap the travelers discover Armenia with a local’s eyes instead of a big tour agency’s eyes, communicate with Armenians in an informal atmosphere and not from a window in a bus, and take back with them the story about Their Armenia.
Facebook page of Tap-Tap


AdvPortal is a portal created for the advertising industry.  The joint portal allows advertisers, companies, poster installers, and poster-printing companies to meet in one place and work together. AdvPortal helps companies to save money and time. The startup has the potential to become a successful and profitable business in Armenia and abroad.  In February 2018, the team was accepted to Armenia Startup Academy pre-accelerator program.


The FiAll application helps consumers to set up notifications for products offered online and saves time for searching for products. The competitive advantage of the startup is contained in three important “F” -s: Free, Fast, and Focused.


Wakeup is a smart alarm coffee maker which makes coffee for the user, waking them up and making sure that they are awake.  This machine, created and designed by four bright individuals, will prevent people from falling asleep and the coffee will act as an incentive not to fall asleep again.


SHE(FF) is an online network connecting women with diverse talents and crafts with people who value the art of homemade and handmade unique products. SHE(FF) provides a platform where craftswomen share their work. Anyone interested in these products can find, choose and order with a few clicks, thus making the supplier-customer relationships easier.  In short, SHE(FF) is a platform created by women to support women.

Webpage of She(FF)


AgriDrone is a versatile platform designed for automated precision agriculture. The startup helps villagers to deliver chemicals to plants and crops in an inexpensive, and precise way. AgriDrone will be the first to introduce autonomous spraying UAV to the Armenian market. Team members have background and experience in engineering and hardware development.


LocoTech solves the problem of resource waste using automation, thus allowing agricultural companies, individual farmers, and town municipalities to automate irrigation systems.  The system is based on soil humidity levels and provides worldwide monitoring and system management, regardless of the customer's physical location.


Retail-IT is a web application created for the business-to-business market in Armenia -- serving as an intermediary between shops and individuals who offer various types of products to shops. The application gives an opportunity for the shops to have visualized products on the web page as well as to choose the best option from a variety of products offered by different retailers. The team, which consists of two individuals, has decided to concentrate initially on the automobile industry.

 GEN 01 / SPRING 2017



Breedge is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps companies to reach, assess and hire the right students for their companies; they also help to ensure the right culture and environment for each student's needs. Through the Breedge platform, company-student communication can become fast, simple, and more efficient. The founders believe that company culture is the most important factor for successful hiring. This is why they are developing a model to match candidates with companies based on how well student personalities blend with the company's culture. The Breedge team now consists of 6 members.

Webpage of Breedge


Bookoholics is a location-based matching platform for book lovers.  Bookoholics is directed to finding a companion for the user that will be a perfect fit for topics they want to talk about. The application and the web page take on the awkward moment of initiating a conversation with someone in the user’s immediate vicinity and also adds a twist to events by matching the individual with strangers, who have the same book preferences.


OnQuark is a revolutionary system for companies to communicate with customers.  It is represented in the form of SDK, which can be embedded inside mobile apps and websites. OnQuark creates a personalized chat experience between the customers and business owners - unifying an ecosystem of tools that work together to provide a better user experience, effectiveness, and efficiency.  It combines data from social networks, mobile apps, and websites to have a complete picture which will lead to better support and make it easier to get back to the customers.  The platform is modular, hence it can be integrated into any social network and in-house built company tools.


Currencii, as the name implies, is an online platform that allows exchanging money without going to a bank or currency exchange office. With the help of Currencii, it is possible to exchange money by using the platform regardless of time, location, or the amount of money. The application not only helps to save time by reducing paperwork, bank queues, and the frustration of exchanging money but also helps to save money, as the commission fee of Currencii will be approximately 6 times lower than the commission fee offered at most banks. Currently, the founder of the startup is in Latvia going through a Fintech program of a Startup Wise Guys accelerator.
Webpage of Currencii


TaxiBus is an innovative way of shared transportation that is both affordable and comfortable. TaxiBus offers a shared transportation service in Yerevan. The order is placed through the application which then chooses the closest 5 orders sharing a similar route. A single driver takes them from their pickup points to their destination. Initially, the five members of this startup designed the roots by themselves, however, after some time the application will be automated.


Vito provides assistance in predicting personal stock market dynamics. It is a simple, comprehensive mobile advisor, that notifies about potential changes in stock trends based on social media.  It is backed up by a reliable news processor API, which analyses major news outlets.  Vito helps users to minimize their stock monitoring time.

Rate my Hood

Rate my Hood provides a personalized approach to choosing a home that fits the buyer’s or renter’s needs. This real estate listings aggregator allows users to get a rating or suitability score on a listing based on their needs or profile (parent, student, bachelor, etc.). Rating and suitability score takes into account nearby points of interest within a user’s defined walking time, driving time, cycling time, etc.