STRIVE PRE-U, here we go!🎉

We are here to help you make your first step in the world of entrepreneurship

STRIVE Pre-U is an 8-week educational program tailored specially for graduating 12th-grade high school students with no prior experience in entrepreneurship, who are preparing to enter university. 

STRIVE Pre-U seeks to engage students prior to entering college by acquainting them with an entrepreneurial mindset – a way of thinking and a set of skills that enable people to identify and make the most of opportunities, solve problems, overcome and learn from setbacks and succeed in a variety of settings. 

Inspired by the Ice House Entrepreneurship program offered by the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (USA), STRIVE Pre-U consists of weekly interactive sessions that focus on introducing participants to fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship, namely identifying opportunities, acting on ideas, pursuing knowledge, creating wealth, crafting one’s own brand, being decisive and persistent, and building community. Additionally, it boasts a comprehensive learning experience beyond the traditional classroom setting with a combination of simulations, hands-on practical work, and guest speaker sessions. The program culminates in the Entrepreneur’s Hunt, a real-life simulation with the STRIVE participants split into teams and tasked to put their knowledge into real-life entrepreneurial practice.