Prototyping Lab

The ground floor of AUA's Main Building houses a cutting-edge prototyping lab which allows students and other entrepreneurs to invent, tinker, and explore using 3D printers, a 3D scanner, CNC machines and other engineering and design tools and materials. The EPIC Prototyping lab is available to commercial users and businesses as a service.

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Faro Edge Scanner

Faro Edge Scanner can digitize physical objects. It can convert the physical object into a 3D computer model for further processing. The Faro Edge Scanner offers a variety of cutting-edge measurement solutions. Imagine, you want to reproduce a part and you need the mold of that part. Modern computer-aided design tools will provide the opportunity to easily-design these molds. However, first you need to have the scanned model of the original object.

There are many cases when we need to modify the part whose drawing or computer model is missing. In this case, with the application of the 3D scanner, the computer copy of the part can be recovered and modified. 3D scanners are a great tool to ensure that an existing part meets design and dimensional specifications, especially when it is impossible to do it with standard measuring instruments. 

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3D Printers

Today, 3D printing is the most common and easiest way to get prototypes. If the 3D model is available, one can import it into the printer’s program within minutes, make the necessary definitions (material, temperature, printing accuracy, etc.), and start the printing process.

The 3D printer will make the model layer by layer in the autonomous mode. The ready model can serve diverse purposes. For example, one can test its functionality in the mechanism, check the ergonomic properties of a future product, or use it as a prototype for making molds through the vacuum casting method.

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HAAS Super mini Mill

The machine is equipped with a 10-position tool changer, a sensor that recognizes the length and diameter of the instruments, a sensor for defining the program origin, and so on.  This instrument makes the production of complex metal parts including molds possible in the lab.The HAAS CNC milling machine serves for processing metallic parts with complex shape. The input data – numerical programs – are generated from 3D models using special computer applications. The numerical programs are transferred directly from computer to the milling machine controller.

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Vacuum Casting Machine

The Renishaw Vacuum Casting machine is especially valuable when one needs an urgent replacement of a broken component, or when a company needs to produce a small batch of products in short notice.

The main aim of the machine is to obtain a silicone mold based on the original part and then inject it with the required plastics. The two processes are performed in the machine’s vacuum chamber, which makes the filling process easier and ensures the absence of trapped air both in the casting mold and in produced parts.

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You can also download brochure in English or in Armenian.



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