Nejdeh Hovanessian

Assistant Director

Nejdeh Hovanessian is the first Armenian graduate of the newly formed Design Management field from Brunel University, West London. Before his graduate studies he had practiced industrial, graphic and interior design for more than twelve years. He developed and coined the concept of ‘designpreneurship’ during his master’s dissertation. In the last ten years he has co-founded and strategically directed one of the top ten e-commerce businesses in Iran; a car auto-trading online platform. Also, he has focused his professional career on branding as a strategist and instructor. As a strategic consultant, he has advised numerous large and small businesses and had a special focus on digital startups. Since 2008, he has concentrated his research on Design Thinking and has promoted it through his own practice and also organizing and leading trainings and workshops in different countries for a wide range of audience; from teenager students to CEOs.

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