Our Portfolio

GEN 02 / FALL 2017


TapTap is an online platform for free walking tours in Armenia. Tourists can pick a tour of the city they would like to visit and see its most important landmarks and discover its stories in 2-3 hours. Tour guides post their own walking tours in the platform. So TapTap is a marketplace startup, thriving from the exchange between tour guides and tourists. In the future, the platform will also include paid tours with wider options for tourists with more specific needs and diverse interests. Through TapTap the travelers discover Armenia with a local’s eyes instead of a big tour agency’s eyes, communicate with Armenians in an informal atmosphere and not from a window in a bus and take back with them the story about Their Armenia.


AdvPortal is a portal created for the advertising industry.  The  joint portal allows advertisers, companies, poster installers, and poster-printing companies to meet in one place and work together. AdvPortal helps companies to save money and time. The startup has the potential to become a successful and profitable business in Armenia and abroad.  In February 2018, the team was accepted to Armenia Startup Academy pre-accelerator program.


The FiAll application helps consumers to set up notifications for products offered online and save time for searching products. The competitive advantage of the startup is contained in three important “F”-s: Free, Fast and Focused.


Wakeup is a smart alarm coffee maker which makes coffee for the user, waking them up and making sure that they are awake.  This machine, created and designed by four bright individuals, will prevent people from falling asleep and the coffee will act as an incentive not to fall asleep again.


SHE(FF) is an online network connecting women with diverse talents and crafts with people who value the art of homemade and handmade unique products. SHE(FF) provides a platform where the craftswomen share their work. Anyone interested in these products can find, choose and order with a few clicks, thus making supplier-customer relationship easier.  In short, SHE(FF) is a platform created by women to support women.
Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/Shefamilyfood/


AgriDrone is a versatile platform designed for automated precision agriculture. The startup helps villagers to deliver chemicals to plants and crops in an inexpensive, and precise way. AgriDrone will be the first to introduce autonomous spraying UAV to the Armenian market. Team members have background and experience in engineering and hardware development.


LocoTech solves the problem of resource waste using automation, thus allowing agricultural companies, individual farmers, and town municipalities to automate irrigation systems.  The system is based on soil humidity levels and provides worldwide monitoring and system management, regardless of the customer's physical location.


Retail-IT is a web-application created for the business-to-business market in Armenia -- serving as an intermediary between shops and individuals who offer various types of products to shops. The application gives opportunity for the shops to have visualized products on the web-page as well as to choose the best option from a variety of products offered by different retailers. The team, which consists of two individuals, have decided to concentrate initially on the automobile industry.

 GEN 01 / SPRING 2017



Breedge is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps companies to reach, assess and hire the right students for their companies; they also help to ensure the right culture and environment for each student's needs. Through the Breedge platform, company-student communication can become fast, simple and more efficient. The founders believe that company culture is the most important factor for successful hiring. This is why they are developing a model to match candidates with companies based on how well student personalities blend with the company's culture. The Breedge team now consists of 6 members.

Webpage: https://breedge.am/


Bookoholics is a location-based matching platform for book lovers.  Bookoholics is directed to finding a companion for the user that will be a perfect fit to topics they want to talk about. The application and the web page take on the awkward moment of initiating a conversation with someone in the user’s immediate vicinity and also adds a twist to events by matching the individual with strangers, who have the same book preferences.
Webpage: http://bookoholics.am/


OnQuark is a revolutionary system for companies to communicate with customers.  It is represented in the form of SDK, which can be embedded inside the mobile apps and websites. OnQuark creates a personalized chat experience between the customers and business owners - unifying an ecosystem of tools that work together to provide a better user experience, effectiveness, and efficiency.  It combines data from social networks, mobile apps and websites to have a complete picture which will lead to better support and make it easier to get back to the customers.  The platform is modular, hence it can be integrated into any social network and in-house built company tools.


Currencii, as the name implies, is an online platform that allows exchanging money without going to a bank or currency exchange office. With the help of Currencii, it is possible to exchange money by using the platform regardless of time, location, or the amount of money. The application not only helps to save time by reducing paperwork, bank queues, and the frustration of exchanging money, but also helps to save money, as the commission fee of Currencii will be approximately 6 times lower than the commission fee offered at most banks. Currently, the founder of the startup is in Latvia going through a Fintech program of a Startup Wise Guys accelerator.
Webpage: https://www.currencii.eu/


TaxiBus is an innovative way of shared transportation that is both affordable and comfortable. TaxiBus offers shared transportation service in Yerevan. The order is placed through the application which then chooses the closest 5 orders sharing a similar route. A single driver takes them from their pickup points to their destination. Initially, the five members of this startup designed the roots by themselves, however, after some time the application will be automated.


Vito provides assistance in predicting personal stock market dynamics. It is a simple, comprehensive mobile advisor, notifying about potential changes in stock trends based on social media.  It is backed up by a reliable news processor API, which analyses major news outlets.  Vito helps users to minimize their stock monitoring time.

Rate my Hood

Rate my Hood provides a personalized approach to choosing a home that fits the buyer’s or renter’s needs. This real estate listings aggregator allows users to get a rating or suitability score on a listing based on their needs or profile (parent, student, bachelor, etc.). Rating and suitability score takes into account nearby points of interest within a user’s defined walking time, driving time, cycling time, etc.