When we were applying to EPIC we had just pivoted our idea and were struggling with the transition, but EPIC helped to clarify our vision, most importantly to talk with the right customers and to dig out our unique value proposition!  Team's and coaches' guidance throughout the whole period was incredibly helpful for setting our goals towards the right direction. And, coming out of EPIC as winners is especially an unique experience, because it will help us to implement the next steps towards our success!

Heghine Hakobyan

Co-Founder, HogaTAR

EPIC is the best incubation program for idea stage startups who are seeking vast networking and growing opportunities. Here startups get an opportunity to meet a fantastic community of innovative, enthusiastic people and share with them a collaborative environment.

Izabella Afrikyan Photo

Izabella Afrikyan

Co-Founder, TalkitOut

EPIC is a unique place for young minds to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and learn from local professionals in a wide variety of spheres.
It is also a good platform for accomplished professionals to share know-how with the younger generation, and why not - learn from them.

Khachik Badeyan

EPIC Mentor

I am delighted to be part of the support that EPIC offers to aspiring entrepreneurs. The center's team consists of practice-oriented professionals focused on supporting startups along the road to value creation - which is the essence of business.

Pavel Prokushenkov

EPIC Mentor

For months, we worked in a friendly environment surrounded by individuals who listened and gave constructive feedback, inspired, and motivated us. We are thankful to those at EPIC who put their energy and efforts to make this program a better place for startups. We are thankful to EPIC for the inspiration and encouragement.

Davit Mikayelyan

Co-Founder, FinAssist

A few years ago I was a startuper at EPIC, now I support the new startuppers to advance their ventures, brainstorm and troubleshoot together. It is very self-rewarding to see their growth.

Vahagn Grigoryan

CEO, Currencii, MBA '14

Coming to EPIC and meeting the best Armenian entrepreneurs and a number of successful people, one realizes that there is nothing impossible and that today’s Armenia is ready to welcome the young generation and their innovative ideas.  

Anahit Mkrtchyan

Co-Founder, Evi

Is there anything better than having fun with your friends and colleagues? It turned out, that seeing others enthusiastic to your ideas and getting their professional feedback might, in fact, compete with the rewarding feeling of eating a slice of delicious pizza

Monika Stepanyan

Co-Founder, Gourmet AUA, CS '19

On the first morning of Silicon Valley trek, we rushed to “uncover” the secret success recipes of the global tech giants like PayPal, Pinterest, Facebook, Synopsis, GoPro, and many others. Like a 5-year-old kid visiting Disneyland for the first time, I was both excited and nervous about meeting tech giants of the world.

Alisa Chalakhyan

Co-Founder, SheFF, BAB '19

It is very exiciting experience to be a mentor for one of the startup teams. I enjoyed every meeting with mentees, as I had a chance not only to support them with my experience, but also to learn from them.

Mariam Petrosyan

Mentor, IT Project Manager at HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC

I see my role as a mentor similar to that of a doorman – when the time is right, my job is to open the door of their mind.

Theofanis Varvoglis

Mentor, Professor of Marketing at AUA’s Manoogian Simone College of Business & Economics
Whenever you enter EPIC it is like you enter a new world, where you automatically generate new ideas, so it makes you more creative and innovative. In EPIC your products become more competitive and stronger in the market.

Elina Hovakimyan

Co-Founder, Eventor

My experience at EPIC was nothing short of amazing. Interning at EPIC gave me a great understanding of what it takes to succeed in a professional environment. I understood what needs to be accomplished for an organization to thrive and the manner in which things need to be done to ensure success.

Eric Biglari

Birthright Volunteer