Anahit Hovelyan

Communications Coordinator

Anahit Hovelyan is a graduate of the American University of Armenia’s BAB program, with an academic focus on Marketing. Her journey into entrepreneurship and marketing began during her sophomore and junior years when she joined EPIC (Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center) as a work-study in Marketing and Communications role.

Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to become an Incubation program resident at EPIC, where she embarked on the exciting journey of co-founding a startup. In this role, she dedicated her efforts to customer discovery, branding, and product prototype development. In 2023, she was among the select 12 students chosen to participate in the EPIC/HIVE Silicon Valley Industry Tour.

Throughout her journey, Anahit has worked with numerous brands, both locally and internationally, as a digital marketing specialist. Presently she has returned to EPIC as a Communications Coordinator, where she continues to leverage her marketing expertise while nurturing her interest in pursuing a career in the dynamic field of growth marketing.

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