Currencii is an online peer-to-peer currency exchange platform that allows businesses to swap currencies in pre-arranged deals and at reduced exchange rates.

From idea to success

May, 2014

After having completed a PhD in Public Finance, Vahagn graduates from AUA and receives an MBA, with a specialization in finance.

April, 2017

Vahagn Grigoryan is accepted into EPIC Incubator with Varkatu startup idea after initial rejection in February, 2017. He is persistent and motivated to succeed.

July, 2017

He pivots to the Currencii idea- an online platform for exchange for currency.

September, 2017

Currencii meets with Armenian Central Bank representatives to obtain permission to introduce the app in Armenia. The request is rejected and Currencii sets its sights abroad. The main targets become European Union member states.

February, 2018

Currencii is accepted into the Estonian Startup Wise Guys Fintech Accelerator. The start-up receives €20,000 of seed investment and benefits from a 3-month acceleration program.

May, 2018

Vahagn pitches in Amsterdam at Demo Day of Startup Wise Guys Fintech Acceleration Program. Currencii is ready to enter the market.


Currencii concludes a cooperation agreement with Swedbank, the largest regional bank (40% market share in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, and Estonia). During the first month of its existence, the platform has attracted more than 50 clients that exchanged more than €120.000.